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Companies with APIs that are included in this Advertising APIs research, with API detail when it exists.

Adbeat Adbeat web tools are designed to help you dominate content network advertising channels. Access ad intelligence data that will make even your most savvy content network competitors green with envy. (Advertising)
Amazon Web Services The Product Advertising API provides programmatic access to Amazonu2019s product selection and discovery functionality so that developers like you can advertise Amazon products to monetize your website. The Product Advertising API helps you advertise Amazon products using product search and look up capability, product information and features such as Customer Reviews, Similar Products, Wish Lists and New and Used listings. You can make money using the Product Advertising API to advertise Amazon products in conjunction with the Amazon Associates program. Be sure to join the Amazon Associates program to earn up to 8.5% in referral fees when the users you refer to Amazon sites buy qualifying products (Advertising,API Deployment Cloud,API Deployment Gateways,API LIfeycle,API Management Other,API-Stack,BaaS,Cloud Computing,Cloud Storage,Cloud-Stack,Compute-Stack,Deployment,DNS,File-Stack,Hypermedia,Management,Monitoring,My API Stack,Partners,Payment-API,Payments,Plans,Real Time,Serverless,Storage-Stack,Virtualization,Voice)
Amazon A9 OpenSearch
Amazon Auto Scaling
Amazon CloudFront CDN
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon DevPay License Service
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon EC2 Account Attributes API
Amazon EC2 AMIs API
Amazon EC2 AWS Marketplace API
Amazon EC2 Bundle Tasks API
Amazon EC2 ClassicLink API
Amazon EC2 Customer Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts API
Amazon EC2 DHCP Options (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Elastic Block Store API
Amazon EC2 Elastic IP Addresses API
Amazon EC2 Elastic Network Interfaces (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Instances API
Amazon EC2 Internet Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Key Pairs API
Amazon EC2 NAT Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Network ACLs (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Placement Groups API
Amazon EC2 Regions and Availability Zones API
Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances API
Amazon EC2 Route Tables (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Security Groups API
Amazon EC2 Spot Fleets API
Amazon EC2 Spot Instances API
Amazon EC2 Subnets (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Tags API
Amazon EC2 Virtual Private Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VM Export API
Amazon EC2 VM Import API
Amazon EC2 VPC Endpoints (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VPC Flow Logs API
Amazon EC2 VPC Peering Connections (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VPCs (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VPN Connections (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Amazon Elastic Transcoder
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon Flexible Payments Service
Amazon Gift Cards
Amazon Glacier
Amazon Historical Pricing
Amazon Marketplace Web Service
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mobile App
Amazon Product Advertising
Amazon Product Advertising API
Amazon Queue Service
Amazon RDS Cluster API
Amazon RDS DB Engine API
Amazon RDS Events API
Amazon RDS Instance API
Amazon RDS Option Group API
Amazon RDS Parameter Group API
Amazon RDS Security Group API
Amazon RDS Snapshot API
Amazon RDS Subnet Group API
Amazon RDS Tags API
Amazon RDS Utility API
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Route 53
Amazon S3
Amazon SES
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon SNS
Amazon SWF
Facebook Create ad campaigns, provide bids for ads auction, and manage ad creative. Facebooks campaign structure has 3 levels: campaign, ad set and ad. In the API, there is a fourth level available for developers, called the creative. (Advertising,API-Stack,Indie EdTech Data Jam,My API Stack,Partners,Payment-API,Payments,Social,Social Advertising,Social API,Social Network,Social-Stack)
Facebook Graph (Achievement Type) API
Facebook Graph (Achievement) API
Facebook Graph (Album) API
Facebook Graph (App Link Host) API
Facebook Graph (App Request) API
Facebook Graph (Application Context) API
Facebook Graph (Application) API
Facebook Graph (Comment) API
Facebook Graph (Conversation) API
Facebook Graph (Debug Token) API
Facebook Graph (Domain) API
Facebook Graph (Event) API
Facebook Graph (Friend List) API
Facebook Graph (Friendlist) API
Facebook Graph (Group Doc) API
Facebook Graph (Group) API
Facebook Graph (Life Event) API
Facebook Graph (Link) API
Facebook Graph (Mailing Address) API
Facebook Graph (Message) API
Facebook Graph (Milestone) API
Facebook Graph (Notification) API
Facebook Graph (Object Insights) API
Facebook Graph (Offer) API
Facebook Graph (Open Graph Action Type) API
Facebook Graph (Open Graph Context) API
Facebook Graph (Open Graph Object Type) API
Facebook Graph (Page Call To Action) API
Facebook Graph (Page) API
Facebook Graph (Payment) API
Facebook Graph (Photo) API
Facebook Graph (Place Tag) API
Facebook Graph (Place) API
Facebook Graph (Post) API
Facebook Graph (Profile) API
Facebook Graph (Promotion Info) API
Facebook Graph (Request) API
Facebook Graph (Status) API
Facebook Graph (Test User) API
Facebook Graph (Thread) API
Facebook Graph (URL) API
Facebook Graph (User Context) API
Facebook Graph (User) API
Facebook Graph (Video Broadcast) API
Facebook Graph (Video List) API
Facebook Graph (Video) API
Freespee Freespee offers location-based, mobile click-to-call advertising and analytics that enable enterprises and business owners to confidently shift ad spend from the desktop to mobile. Combining an analytics solution that enables insights well beyond the click, and click-to-call rich media ad units that gives consumers the most intuitive interface, Freespee brings the possibility of one-click conversion to any smartphone. Freespee is trusted by leading media companies and by 35,000+ advertisers, including top international brands. Its solutions have connected millions of calls on behalf of advertisers, all the while growing Europeu0026rsquo;s most comprehensive dataset on mobile consumer call behavior. The company has commercial offices in Berlin, Copenhagen and Helsinki and a development center in Uppsala, Sweden. (Advertising,Analytics,Analytics-Stack,API-Stack,CRM,Monetization,Telephony,Voice,Voice-Stack)
Google Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software and online advertising technologies. Google provides search and advertising services, which together aim to organize and monetize the worldu2019s information. In addition to its dominant search engine, it offers a plethora of online tools and platforms. (Advertising,API Deployment Cloud,API LIfeycle,Database,Definitions,Deployment,DNS,Images-Stack,Indie EdTech Data Jam,Mapping,My API Stack,Orange-Report-Transportation,PaaS,Partners,Payment-API,Payments,Photo-Stack,Platform-Stack,Real Time,Search,Social,Spreadsheets,Task-Stack,Transit,Translation-Stack,Utility-Stack,Website-Stack)
Blogger API
Books API
Calendar API
Cloud Dataflow
Cloud Pub/Sub
Compute Engine API
Gmail API
Google AdSense Management API
Google AdWords
Google Analytics API
Google Calendar API
Google Container Engine API
Google Drive API
Google Email Settings
Google Maps
Google Maps Data
Google Maps Elevation
Google Open Gallery API
Google PageSpeed API
Google Picasa
Google Prediction
Google Realtime API
Google Sites
Google Spreadsheets
Google Tasks
Tag Manager API
URL Shortener API
Instagram With a community of more than 400M, Instagram is one of the worlds largest mobile ads platforms.nBusinesses can share their stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-quality environment and drive action with their ads. Instagram ads are now available globally for all businesses u2014 big and small. (Advertising,Images,Indie EdTech Data Jam,My API Stack,Photo,Photo API,Social Media)
Instagram Geographies API
Instagram Locations API
Instagram Media API
Instagram Tags API
Instagram Users API
Trafficspaces Trafficspaces is a hosted ad management service for publishers. It helps publishers. Convert more advertisers through a user friendly, white labelled, self-service interface. Increase revenue by helping to reduce the dependence on ad networks. Provide ad management services easily through an automated sales, campaign management and reporting workflow. Trafficspaces was designed as an easy-to-use alternative to Google Ad Manager and OpenX. (Advertising,Marketing)
Twitter API The Ads API program enables businesses to create and manage ad campaigns programmatically on Twitter. We are building an ecosystem of innovative and specialized ad tech partners to meet the needs of Twitteru2019s diverse marketers. (Advertising,API LIfeycle,API Management Communication,API-Stack,Indie EdTech Data Jam,Messaging,Messaging-Stack,My API Stack,Partners,Social,Social API,Social-Stack)
Twitter Account API
Twitter Application API
Twitter Blocks API
Twitter Collections API
Twitter Curator API
Twitter Direct Messages API
Twitter Favorites API
Twitter Followers API
Twitter Friends API
Twitter Friendships API
Twitter Geo API
Twitter Help API
Twitter Lists API
Twitter Mutes API
Twitter Saved Searches API
Twitter Search API
Twitter Status API
Twitter Trends API
Twitter Users aPI
Yahoo Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo!), incorporated in 1995, is a global Internet brand. To users, the Company provides owned and operated online properties and services (Yahoo! Properties, Offerings, or Owned and Operated sites). (Advertising,BaaS,Blogging,Images,Location,Photos,Search,Weather)
Yahoo Weather API